Should I Sell My House Now – House Prices Expected To Decline Multiple Digits

According to an analysis conducted by Moodys Economy much of the nations housing prices will see a decline over the next couple of years. The analysis showed a projected decline in national Buy my house for cash price of 7.7 percent over the next two years. The projected decline is over 4 percent higher than the projection in October 2007.

The 7.7 percent decline in housing prices is an average, so some areas of the country will see a much higher decline. Areas like Stockton California were close to the top of the list with an expected housing decline of 25 percent that is expected to last until the later part of 2008.

The Sunbelt areas of the country are expected to see the larges declines, but the Midwest is not far behind. With the many job layoffs from auto makers and other production facilities the local economy in many of the Midwest towns is struggling. Detroit Michigan is not expected to recover from its projected 21.3 percent decline until the early part of 2009.

Cities like Nampa, Caldwell, Star, Eagle, and Kuna are Idaho metro cities and are also expected to see declines. Boise, the capital city of Idaho is slated to see a decrease of 7.7 percent in the housing market. The Boise real estate market is not expected to rebound until the later part of 2008.

The news is not bad for everyone. Some smaller cities in Texas are expected to see a mild increase of 4.6 percent where the median house price is $129,000. Other areas of the country where the median house price is below the national average should have good chances of dodging the storm.

If you are considering selling your house today or holding out for price appreciation, do your homework. In most cases you may be better off selling your house now to avoid even larger declines in the future months. Most areas of the country will not see house prices start to recoup their losses until 2008. Even after home prices start to appreciate it is going to take some time before they are back to where they once were.

So many areas around the nation are continuing to see declining housing prices. The declining housing prices cause financial hardship on people needing to sell their house. There are many reasons why people need to sell their house and sell it quickly; divorce, to stop foreclosure, sell investment property, moving out of state, bankruptcy, etc.

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