Killer Tips to Sell Your House – It Will Never Sell If You’re Doing the Same As Everyone Else!

Let me hazard a guess…your property has been We buy houses for cash idle on the market for a while now. You’ve even asked your real estate agent to drop the price by a further $10,000 because you’ve had absolutely no interest whatsoever. A few more weeks down the line and still no serious offers. Now you find yourself scouring the internet for tips to sell your house!

The first question i would like to ask you is – What have you done differently from everyone else to try and sell your house? You see, the main problem you are facing at the moment is that you are merely copying what millions of other people are doing. This is fine in a seller’s market, when property sales are booming. However, during the current economic climate, things are very different and the scales are definitely tipped in favour of the buyers! So one of the best tips to sell your house i can offer is, rather than following the crowd, make yourself stand out from it!

Easier said than done i hear you say. Well, that’s not strictly true. The first and possibly the only place to start is with your listing. Have you or your estate agent advertised on MLS, in newspapers or online. Find your adverts and read them. Do they grab your attention and make you want to know more? Or are they so hard to find within the sea of boring and mundane listings! As i have previously mentioned, probably the one of the best tips on selling your house is to dare to be different.

Rather than dropping the price immediately when you receive no interest, think about what else you have to offer. How can you spice up that boring old ad? One of the more favourable ways of selling your house nowadays is to offer potential buyers incentives. Some of the best ideas seem to be things like:-

– Offering to pay the mortgage for a month or two

– If your home is located near a school, offer to pay for childcare for a month or two if mainly parents and families are interested in your house

– Kit out a media or games room for free for your prospective buyers. Install a large flat screen TV, perhaps a console and a small fridge and beanbags too!

– If you are selling your home in the summer, how about some nice garden furniture thrown in too.

Whatever you decide, the point of this exercise is to get you and your listing noticed. You may be thinking, that some of the above ideas may cost a lot of money. You don’t need to be that extravagant! Just use your imagination. All i know is i would rather spend a few dollars now and get my home sold in weeks. As opposed to having to live in a property i can’t sell and that i no longer wish to live in for the next few months or even years! So if you are still searching far and wide for tips on selling your house, just remember – be different!

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