Selling A House As Is, It Can Be Done, But Should It?

Generally it’s not recommended Sell my home fast as is. At least a quick clean, remove clutter and mow of lawns at the bare minimum. But there are circumstances where not doing any work would be understandable:

– The house is near new condition. Maybe you won it in a competition, it has been treated very well or you have simply not owned it for very long.

– You don’t need the money. It was left or given to you and your financial circumstances mean that selling it is a bonus.

– You don’t have the money to fix the house and need quick cash.

– You have a very unique property. Either due to location or the property itself, you know that potential buyers will crawl over broken glass to buy this house.

In most circumstances selling a house as is means that you have to accept less for the property, so if you don’t fall into one of the categories above and really have no ability, finances or interest in working on the house then take note of the following.

If you find yourself within a hot market (high demand, low supply) then you could be lucky and get market price for a property without having to do any work at all.

Things change if the market is cold or neutral meaning that you have a few more things to consider.

Generally it will be found that buyers want a home that requires little or no work once they move in so if your place requires more than a coat of paint it could turn off many potential buyers.

Selling a house as is that you know needs some repairs means you will probably have to deduct the cost of the repair (plus an additional penalty for the inconvenience) from your selling price. For instance if you know the house valued at $100,000 needs new electrical wiring and the quotes for the work keep coming to you at around $5000, then in a cold to neutral market you will probably have to be prepared to take $8000 to $10,000 less for the property.

But if you are determined to or don’t have access to funds to repair or renovate a house then there are still some minor (low-cost to no cost) things you can do to the property to at least get potential buyers interested and maybe even some offers put in front of you.

Things like:

– improving the look of the house from the street by clearing garden clutter, cleaning the front of the house or removing an unsightly fence.

– Clearing internal clutter from within the house such as unnecessary furniture and ornaments to give the impression of space.

– If selling a house as is, you can do something as simple as opening all the windows for fresh air or vacuum with a carpet deodorizer as the human nose can be enough to turn a potential buyer off a property.

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