How to Interview a Prospective Contractor

Whether you’re building an addition to your home, constructing a new building for your business, or renovating properties for your tenants, hiring a Concrete Contractor North Hollywood CA is an important decision that can only be made after careful consideration. You’re trusting this contractor with your most important and valuable financial assets, so make sure you ask the questions that will help you find the best possible firm for your project. Interview your contractor carefully.

Don’t make your decision based on which contractor makes the lowest bid. Not only do you risk hiring a contractor who will do substandard work, you could also be choosing an incomplete proposal with hidden costs.

The contractor who bids the lowest may be cutting corners in his licensing and certifications. On a lead paint renovation this can bring you heavy fines from the EPA and MDE, and could even put your family or your tenants at risk for lead poisoning.

Here are some questions you can ask that will help you choose a reputable contractor, with the right credentials and experience.

What is your MHIC number?

An MHIC number refers to the contractor’s Maryland Home Improvement Commission license. The MHIC regulates firms who perform alteration, repair, and remodeling of any home, and investigates complaints about violations of home improvement laws and regulations. The MHIC has a fund that covers claims by homeowners. Every reputable contractor in Maryland will have MHIC licensing.

Is your company insured?

Every reputable contractor will have worker’s compensation, personal liability, and property damage coverage. This is absolutely essential to ensure that you won’t be held liable for any injuries or damages that occur during the job, so make sure your contractor shows you copies of their insurance certificates. If a contractor can’t show you a valid license (make sure you check the expiration date), you shouldn’t hire them. Never hire a contractor who would cut corners in his licensing or insurance. You can call the issuing authority and verify that their insurance is current.

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