Christian Religious Facts and Myths

When it comes to christian mysticism, people are often guided by misconceptions and wrong beliefs. The manner in which everyone interprets and understands Christian texts and teachings leads to the circulation of all these misconceptions.

Christianity is often accused of things that have never been connected to it. Sometimes, these myths are circulated by mistake, other times evil intentions are to blame. What are the facts about Christianity and which claims remain purely fictional?

Facts about Christianity According to the majority of historic texts, Christianity appeared in 33 AD and was established in the region of Palestine.

Today, over two billion people worldwide are Christian. Most Christians live in North America, South America and Europe.

Just like other religions, Christianity has its major denominations. The three biggest divisions are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant. The sacred book for all these groups of Christians is the Holy Bible.

Christians believe in one God – a trinity of father, son and Holy Spirit. Most Christians believe in the existence of saints, angels and miracles. Afterlife for Christians is connected to either heaven or hell.

Christians worship God and pray in a church. This is the place where priests hold sermons.

Christianity has created many tips and directions that can help people lead a sin-free life and achieve salvation. According to religious documents, all people are created good but can easily give in to sin. Believers have to keep their faith strong and to refrain from harming others and committing sins.

Myths about Christianity These facts about Christianity are often misinterpreted or understood in a wrong way. So many myths about this religion exist, affecting the manner in which people perceive it and live their lives.

One common misconception is that good Christians attend church on a very regular basis. In fact, the belief in God can be a very personal and intimate affair. Though people are encouraged to be part of the religious community, they are not obliged to participate.

Forgiveness is another aspect of Christianity that often remains misunderstood. Some believe that all sinners will be saved because forgiveness is a key aspect of Christianity. This belief is wrong. Committing sins and waiting for forgiveness is never acceptable.

The Holy Trinity is another source of misunderstanding. Christians do not believe in three gods, as many understand it. There is a single Christian God.

Another common misunderstanding is that Jesus was not God but solely a messenger and a holy man. This is fart from the truth, as it is stated in religious texts. The life of Jesus is, in fact, a great source of confusion. It all begins with the Immaculate Conception and the virgin birth.

Some people believe that angels are no different from saints. For example, according to many, angels have halos. In the Bible, however, there is no reference to such. Another common misconception is that the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was an apple.

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