5 Steps to Manifest Your Miracle – Twitter Style

Someone recently asked on Twitter how to go about manifesting a a course in miracles youtube channel.  Since Twitter only allows 140 characters, I thought it a fun challenge to sum up an answer in one tweet. The typical “Ask, Believe, Receive” answer didn’t seem like something a person new to deliberate creation could really sink their teeth in. So here’s what I came up with:

1 – Choose it. Believe it or not, this is where lots of folks get hung up. Many aren’t willing to ask for something they don’t believe is possible, they don’t know how to get, or that they’re afraid will disappoint them if it doesn’t happen. Don’t underestimate the power of this first step – this is where it all starts!

2 – Document your choice. This is important for a couple reasons. First, it turns out lots of us tend to discount the things we create in our lives. So documenting the miracle you choose to create will serve as evidence that it didn’t happen by accident or as a result of good luck. It will have your name all over it. Also, having a formal method for staking your claim in it is powerful energy! Whether you write it down, tell another person, or record it in some other way – documenting your choice is the second step.

3 – Feel now how you would then. This third step is the vibrational alignment ticket that makes all the difference – and another step most people aren’t willing to take. Regular folks insist on having reasons to feel differently – after all, they don’t just feel better for nothing!

4 – Visit with it – or not. This one is for you to experiment with. Some folks do best with miracle creation when they just toss out one nice thought about what they want and then forget about it; others do better when they regularly visit with the details of it in their mind. (Imagining seeing, hearing, smelling, touching it.) I’ve found the difference is when our desire is something we have no doubts or negative charge on, one easy thought is all it takes to put wheels in motion. But if it’s a big deal (to us), or maybe something we’ve struggled with or have “good reason” to believe is tricky, then we might be better off deliberately and regularly acclimating ourselves to it. Which you can do simply by seeing the pictures of it unfold in your mind; imagining what it sounds like; letting yourself revel in the thoughts of it.

5 – Listen for & act on Universal nudges. This is the inspired action step, where we don’t do anything that doesn’t appeal, and instead purposely take actions that feel good. (Whatever they may be.) This final step takes some guts, because it usually means leaving behind traditional training and wisdom and risking ridicule from those whose opinions mean a lot to us. Which is why it’s so helpful to go about miracle making in the company of like-minded others.

So that’s my simple formula, and I can tell you from lots of experience both with myself and with clients that it works wonders. Have fun with it!

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