Why Christian Jewelry is so Effective

jesus gospel of love jewelry is one of the hottest new trends sweeping churches as men and women of all ages realize that lifestyle evangelism includes the way we present ourselves to the world.

Wearing Christian jewelry like Christian rings, Christian bracelets and Christian necklaces are powerfully effective ways to share our faith in Christ. Jesus commands all believers to go into all the world and tell others about him. And while there are many places and situations that make it difficult to share with words, we can demonstrate our faith by wearing beautiful Christian jewelry.

Christian T-Shirts are very popular, as are Christian hats and other apparel. But clothing that makes us walking billboards may not be appropriate in places such as the work or professional setting.

But wearing a Christian ring with, say the ancient Christian fish symbol elegantly carved in silver, is always appropriate. There are dozens of beautifully crafted Christian rings in all sizes and in all price ranges. Sterling silver is the most popular and affordable.

Prices are very affordable. A good quality Christian ring with a striking design that points to Christ or the Bible, can be found at many Online Christian Shopper sites or retail Christian stores for less than $20. Matching men’s and women’s rings can be bought as a set for less than $50.

The Christian jewelry trend began about five years ago as Christian crosses became wildly popular. Crosses, of course, still are. But now there are Christian rings, Christian earrings and Christian necklaces in the shape of a cross. And sunglasses – perhaps the most popular fashion accessory of the day – also now come with Christian symbols and even Bible verses engraved in the side.

Christian jewelry is very much in demand these days. Tasteful and made of long-lasting quality metals and materials, they can easily be worn by both men and women. It looks at home in the board room or class room and it does in the locker room or family room.

Christian jewelry worn as a part of everyday work and personal life tells the world that its wearer knows the better Way and is connected to the source of Life, It often leads to great spiritual opportunities by opening up discussions that never would have happened had not the observer spotted the Christian jewelry item and started asking questions.

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