What are the Free Bets Offered by Online Bookies

Many online bookmakers are offering sing-up promotions in form of a free bet or a bonus. Many of newcomers may thing that it is a فارس بت opportunity to try a luck in the betting as sportsbooks advertise this as addition cash to your deposited funds and this may give you idea that you’re betting with free money. Is it really so?

If you read terms or rules associated with a promotion,What are the Free Bets Offered by Online Bookies Articles you’ll learn that there are many restrictions attached to it, to prevent you from withdrawing promotion or even withdrawing all funds deposited in bookmaker`s account. These restrictions mostly are following:

Betting multiple times. Usually it’s defined as rollover requirements. For example, your bonus is $40 and rollover requirements are 4x, this means that you’ll have to bet a total sum of $160;

Bets are restricted by minimum odds. Many bookies are restricting you to bet on odds of 2.0 or even higher, so you have considerable chances of losing.

Some even will ask you to bet on multiples – betting on more than one outcome, if one of your selections loses, your whole wager is lost.

Sometimes you have to contact a bookie. For example, send an email to receive a promotion.

All promotions can be divided in two big categories:

Free Bet Stake Returned – This type of promotion is really straight forward: You have to make a deposit or simply make a bet and you’ll be granted a bonus money the same as your deposit or stake. This offer often is called a bonus.

Free Bet Stake Not Returned – If a bookie granted you this promotion, you should know that your betting stake will not be returned. This means, that only winnings will be returned, for example, you bet with free bet stake of $10 at odds of 1.5 and win, you’ll get only $5 not $15, stake of the bet will be gone. If you lose your promotion is lost.This offer often is called just simply a free bet.

If you just thought about betting with a free money by joining a bookmaker, you can just forget about it, as you have to deposit own money in order to receive a free bet or a bonus and these promotions are chained with withdrawing restrictions.

Only possible way of acquiring free promotions are using the technique called a Matched Betting you can read more about it here: No Risk Betting

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