Top of the Line LG Accolade VX5600 Cellular Accessories

LG Cafe Blinds Melbourne vx5600 is a simple flip phone but has an elegant design and is pre loaded with vast number of supportive software features. The phone is blends together extreme hardware and software features including: a blue gray color scheme which looks decent, top mirror on plated flap, plastic body with glossy surface, weighs around 3 ounces, internal resolution of 220×176 pixels, phonebook which can store up to 1000 contacts, twenty five polyphonic ringtones, calculator, stopwatch, world clock, alarm clock, speakerphone, and is Bluetooth enabled.

In addition to all the above mentioned marvelous software features, LG VX5600 accessories. These plug & play accessories range from wired chargers to wireless chargers, car kits to Bluetooth devices and cases along with body gloves and covers. These accessories can be categorized as follows:

Bluetooth devices
Body cases and covers

Bluetooth Devices:

LG Accolade vx5600 is Bluetooth enabled and can be connected with many eye-catching blooming Bluetooth accessories. These Bluetooth devices facilitate every user; from a car driver to a simple person. Many users have found this device handy because they simply gets connect to the phone without even touching the mobile phone. Other Bluetooth accessories include Bluetooth stereo speakers, Bluetooth car kits, Bluetooth computer connections and many other devices.


The second most essential accessory phone should have is the charger. A charger Is used to recharge the phone`s battery and keep it working. These chargers come in various types from wireless chargers to solar chargers and home or office chargers to car chargers.

An alternative to wired home or office chargers are wireless chargers work best for those individuals who don`t need mess of wires. With these chargers, users can charge multiple devices at the same time and without creating a mess of bunch of wires.

How I should charge my mobile at a place where there is no electricity? This is the question that rises in most of minds. It`s a simple answer available for this that Solar power chargers can solve the problem. Solar power chargers store sun shine and then convert that stored sun shine to charge mobile. When it is at full capacity, it can charge a cell phone twice.

Car chargers are for those who drive long in their cars and want to charge their mobile phones. They can easily plug the car charger with their car and then the mobile phone will get charged with the car power.

Body cases and covers:

Keeping the mobile safe is the wish of every person. With lg accolade phone covers, users can keep their precious mobile phones at a safe place. These covers and pouches also provide the phone an extra protection against damages of unbearable nature while providing a new pretty look to the phone.

Those users who want to make their mobile phones look new every single day can use body cases. With these cases, they can substitute the original mobile body with a new similar body. This not only protects the original body but also replace it.

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