The Easy and Simple Way of Shaping Eyebrows

Shaping eyebrow microblading Perth properly is absolutely critical to the overall appearance of your face. Eyebrows not only shape and define the eye, but they also allow for a variety of expressions. Shape your eyebrows incorrectly and you may find yourself looking perpetually surprised or inexplicably angry. Because of the delicacy of this procedure, tweezers are the best way to maintain control of your look and carefully modify it. More expedient measures such as waxing or threading may leave you with far less control and far larger mistakes.

Shaping eyebrows may be challenging at first, but will gradually get easier with practice. Once you have found the proper shape for your eyebrows you will find that you only need to do clean up and maintenance around your already defined eyebrow outline. With steady maintenance you will find the hair grows back less often and thinner, and that the discomfort of the procedure is substantially lessened.

To begin shaping eyebrows you will first require a good tweezer. Ideally, you should have several tweezers with several different heads, as some specialize in clearing larger areas of hair, and some specialize in more precision work. A good tweezer is necessary for shaping eyebrows, as a bad one may be painful or simply not work. With a poor quality tweezer you may find yourself purchasing a different one every week as its grip wears down and it stops being effective.

The first step with the actual eyebrow shaping is to hold a flat object lined up with the outside of your nostril and the innermost corner of your eye. Where this object extends upwards is where your eyebrow should end. You should use a broad, flat tweezer to clear any large patches of hair that goes beyond this line and a fine tweezer for additional cleanup.

You will then line your object against the outside of your nostril and outside of the outermost edge of your iris. The continuation of this line will show you where your eyebrow should arc. Use a precision angled tweezer to clear hair above and below in order to define a clear arc that peaks at this point. The height and depth of this arc will be dependent largely on the positioning of your eyebrow, but you will want to generally focus on the center mass of your eyebrow without going too high (surprised) or too low (concerned).

Finally, line your object against the outside of your nostril and the outside edge of your eye itself. Do not go beyond your eyelashes. The continuation of this line will show you where your eyebrow should end. Use the precision tweezer gently taper your eyebrow to this point.

Once you have defined your eyebrow based on these lines, use a precision tool to go over it again for any stray hairs you may have missed, and to ensure that both of your eyebrows are symmetrical. If your hair is sparse in any area you may need to use an eyebrow pencil to fill it out. If you pluck the incorrect area, resist the urge to even it out–this will throw your entire eyebrow off-balance. Rather, fill the area in temporarily and wait for it to grow back.

Shaping eyebrows properly will open up your features and accentuate the symmetry of your face. With proper time and the correct tools, anyone can do this at home to great effect.

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