Spiritual Enlightenment – You Are a Miracle of Life

Yes you, you are not just unique you are a acim, as are all living things on the planet. The conversion of the minerals, chemicals and all the elements with which this planet is composed into living things capable of reproducing and converting elements into living cells has to be a miracle.

This miracle, conceived by our creator is awe inspiring in its simple solution to the mind numbing complexity which enable living things to evolve and adapt to meet whatever conditions with which they are faced.

We have butterflies with wings delicate and fragile, plants surviving and flourishing from the arctic to the tropics, birds which journey across oceans. We also have the seas and the land with conditions in which an enormous range of living things are sustained and flourish. All of which are individual miracles.

From time to time, this complex balance becomes stressed as various forms of life, compete and adapt to changing physical conditions in an endeavour to ensure survival of their particular species, Some species loose this battle for survival while others adapt and flourish. Imbalances, for whatever reason they occur and often at the expense of those who do not adapt, are eventually rectified

In the past colossal physical events such as large asteroids are believed to have been the catalyst which has created situations where species are unable to adapt and disappear for ever. For the first time ever a species, the human species, by its ability to adapt has been responsible for the demise of many other species.

We, yes every one of us carry some responsibility, are starting to have an impact on the physical nature of our planet. It seems likely unless changes are made in the way we use physical resources there could be major changes to the environment which could threaten many species and those which don’t adapt, including our own, are at risk.

Our creator has given the human species and possibly other species the greatest miracle of all, in a spirit which not only gives us the ability to tell right from wrong it also links us all together as well as to our creator. This miracle is a gift, we can let it influence our individual spirits and it’s our choice we can recognise it and follow our conscience or ignore it and be willing to accept the consequences.

So as we saviour every moment, we can give thanks to our creator for the miracle which gives us and all around us, life as we know it. Whilst endeavouring to meet the obligations such a gift imposes.

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