Six Things Your Products Packaging Must Do for You!

After the product itself, the most important thing for your company is often finding the perfect packaging for your wonderland mushroom gummies. From concept to completion, deciding on the perfect packaging for your product can be challenging without the proper help. Below are six objectives your product packaging must do for you as the packaging of your product must fulfill many important functions for your product.

1. Contain: Your product packaging must properly and safely contain your product. This may sound simple, but remember that packaging will be different based on the shape, size and consistency of your product. How your product is contained will be different if your product is a small amount of liquid, a large amount of metal, an irregular size or shape, or an item made-up of many different pieces that require their own packaging to keep them safe and stable.

2. Protect: Your product packaging must also properly protect your product during all phases of product handling. From shipping, processing, store stock and shelf, and ultimately into the consumers home, your packaging must protect the product from everything from wear and tear during shipping to exposure to the elements. From the time it leaves your facility until it enters the home of the consumer, your product packaging must safely and securely endure every and all potentially damaging handling and shipping scenarios it encounters.

3. Preserve: If your product can spoil, age or deteriorate in any way, your packaging must preserve your product. From proper ventilation to packing materials designed to protect and preserve, it is vital to make the package as safe and product-friendly and sustainable as possible.

4. Transport: No matter what your product is or where it is made it must somehow get from you to the consumer. Your packaging must allow for easy, safe and effective transportation of the product from production to consumer via any number of transportation modes. Whether it’s just across town, across the county or across the ocean, your product and the packaging protecting it must meet the challenges of the journey ahead.

5. Inform: Effective packaging will quickly inform consumers about the product. What the product is, what is included with the purchase of the product, what is needed, cost, ingredients, hazards, warranties and/or any other important information, the consumer should be able to find the vital information they feel they need in a quick and convenient way.

6. Sell: One of the key duties of packaging is to grab the attention of the consumer and convince them that your product is the best. Studies have indicated that if your packaging is more aesthetically pleasing to the consumer than your competitors packaging, the consumer is far more likely to purchase your product. On the other hand the reverse is also true; if your competitors packaging is far more enticing to the consumer then yours, even if you have a superior product, the consumer is likely to purchase your competitors product due to the superior packaging. Your packaging must sell your product for you and motivate the potential consumer to make the effort and buy your product and not the one sitting next to it. When you are not around to tell people how wonderful your product is it’s up to your packaging to get the job done.

Packaging your product effectively is one of the most important things you can do. Contact a professional packaging company and work closely with them to ensure the perfect packaging for your product that will contain, protect, preserve, transport, inform and sell* your product for you!

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