Modular Housing – The Shape of Things to Come

Computers are unparalleled at some aspects of Container House work; but one thing computers lack, and may never achieve, is emotion. Computers do not understand that cool soft colors like lavender, sky blue, and aquamarine have a soothing effect on the human psyche, while an acute angle will trigger an entirely different emotion than the one evoked by a gentle curve.

While there may be computer experts working this very minute to imbue their creations with the capacity to feel, that day has not yet arrived, and we must turn to the designers of modular homes to create residences which are not only the most technologically advanced and efficient available, but offer all the best architectural and finishing details to make them truly gracious homes.

Modular housing manufacturers have changed the shape of the modular housing industry by finding ways to incorporate a myriad of cutting edge technologies into their home designs. Modular homes are now available with such conveniences as remote control lighting and zone heating and cooling. They have fire, carbon monoxide, and water monitoring systems, and top grade security systems as well.

Modular housing is now being constructed with home networking features like intercom and multi-room sound systems, and many of the homes now being produced without these features have been designed so that they can easily be added in the future, just he same way that a stick built home can be remodeled. Modular housing is now designed so that doors and windows can be replaces quickly and easily, either to change the look of the home or to repair damage.

Perhaps none of these design improvements would have been possible before the advent of the personal computer and the Information Age, but without the talents and inspired minds of human beings to direct them the computers remain circuit boards with monitors attached.

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