How to Set Up an International Keyboard on Your iPad

For those who are bilingual and wish to communicate in another language other than English, the iPad has built in International reddit mechanical keyboards Layouts. There are dozens of languages ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese. (A complete list current as of this publish date is found below.) Most of the major languages spoken in the World are included in the iPad’s iOS.

Activate Language Keyboard

To activate a language keyboard follow these steps:

1) Tap “Settings”

2) Tap “General.” This is found on the left hand panel of the Settings Screen.

3) Tap “Keyboard.” This is located on right hand panel of the Settings Screen towards the bottom half.

4) Tap “International Keyboard”

5) Tap “Add New Keyboard.” This will bring up a master list of available language keyboards.

6) Tap the Language of your choosing. (i.e. if you are looking for Estonian, tap “Estonian”)

7) The iPad will now add the language keyboard you selected. Look for it in the Keyboards screen under English.

Choosing Keyboard Layout (Software & Hardware)

In addition to adding a keyboard in a different language, the iPad allows you to choose your own keyboard layout such as QWERTY, Dvorak, AZERTY, etc. Please note that not all layouts will be available for all languages as different languages will allow for different keyboard layouts. Layouts can be chosen for the iPad’s virtual keyboard as well as any hardware (i.e. external) keyboard.

1) Follow the steps above to get to the keyboard screen. (i.e. follow steps 1-4 above)

2) Tap on the Language you want to modify. If you don’t see the language you want please activate an International keyboard first by following the above steps.

3) After tapping on the language of your choice. You will have the option of choosing the keyboard layout for the software and hardware.

Switching Between Keyboards

There are two methods to switch from one keyboard to another.

Method 1:

1) Tap on the Globe icon to the left of the space bar.

2) Each tap cycles through your personal keyboard. Keeping tapping till you find the one you want. The space bar will display the keyboard layout name briefly.

Method 2:

1) Tap and hold the Globe icon to the left of the space bar.

2) After a few seconds a pop up list of all your keyboards will appear. Slide your finger to the layout of your choosing.

Deleting Keyboards

To delete an international keyboard you no longer want, choose Settings→General→Keyboard→International Keyboard. Tap the Edit button above the Keyboards list, then tap the – next to the one you want to lose, and then tap the

Delete button that appears. To rearrange the order in which your keyboards

appear in the globe menu, use the grip strip icons (◊) to drag them into the desired new world order. Then tap Done.

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