How To Get The Best From A Garage Service Centre

The motorist choosing a stained concrete floors okc to service and repair his car looks for prompt attention, good workmanship and a reasonable price. If he is wise, he will also foresee that disputes can occasionally arise, so that a garage which belongs to a scheme for settling disputes is better than one which does not.

How does a motorist find out whether a garage does a good job for a fair price? Obviously the recommendations of friends are valuable, especially if they have been going to the garage for some time.

But not all garages are equally suited to deal with each type of car. The complexity of modern motor vehicles makes it essential that major repairs should be carried out with specialised tools and equipment, by trained mechanics experienced in dealing with your make of car. In practice, this means using a garage which is the manufacturer’s authorised franchise-holder.

These garages are the specialists. They should have a comprehensive stock of essential spare parts and a staff of mechanics with the relevant experience. In addition, they will be kept informed by bulletins from the manufacturer about modifications and defects affecting the models they sell and service.

Motoring organisations experienced in dealing with complaints about garages have found that the greatest single cause of dispute is repair work carried out by garages which are not the appropriate franchise-holders (for instance, the replacement of the clutch or the hydrolastic suspension unit of a BMC Mini by a garage which is not a BMC franchise-holder).

Garages and their facilities vary considerably – from the normal petrol station type, mainly interested in selling petrol, oil and possibly a few accessories, to the larger garage which deals with insurance, car hire, new and used car sales and major body repairs. It is unreasonable to expect the same type of service from both these types of garage.

A detailed guide to the size, facilities and equipment of garages is provided by the spanner gradings of the Automobile Association’s Garage Plan. Under this scheme, garages are allowed to display a one, two or three-spanner sign, according to the range of services they are equipped to provide to the public.

A garage displaying any one of the spanner signs has been inspected and found to be well equipped and staffed by trained mechanics.

A good way of ensuring reliable service is to become a regular customer. The motorist who goes to a garage for petrol, spares and routine work is valued – someone who is more likely to get extra assistance when he is in difficulties.

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