Have a Contented and Glorious Career With Construction Jobs!

s per the study carried out by Global A/C Service & Repair Mcallen TX perspectives and Oxford Economics, India will become the world’s third largest construction market by 2025. The country adds around 11.5 million homes a year and would soon become USD 1 trillion a year market. The Indian construction industry is an elemental part of the economy and is projected for solid growth due to the fast paced industrialisation, urbanisation and economic development along with people seeking better quality of life.

Digest this, the construction sector employs nearly 31 million people and is accountable for 6 to 8 percent of GDP and, is the second largest employment sector after agriculture. People seeking construction jobs and professionals already working in this industry can expect flowering prospects and excellent career opportunities in the near future. With an astonishing annual growth rate of 9-11 percent, the sector gives you plenty of reasons to embrace construction jobs.

Construction work encompass a broad spectrum of jobs. It could employ huge number of people starting from simple labours to engineers to architects to project managers. Various available construction jobs floating in the market include-carpenter, construction manager, heavy equipment operator, maintenance staff, ware house people, construction labourers, crane operator, construction supervisor, electricians, painters, welders, plumbers, roofing workers, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) work and so on. The most common type of educational route taken by the students is a degree course, Btech in Civil Engineering or a diploma course in this field.

Employment in construction requires you to work in difficult surroundings. Before you actually grab one of those, think carefully what type of jobs you would like and dislike and what your strengths and weaknesses are. You may work on construction sites or on heights and so you should prepare yourself mentally and physically before actually going into this profession. Main areas where one can find high-paying jobs are Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai to name a few.

There are a plenty of positions available in the construction industry, each requiring different years of experience. There are entry-level positions, in which you are usually hired as trainees or interns then there are supervisory positions that include profiles such as foreman and site superintendents. In such positions work experience is highly valued. Once you have reached mid level positions then you can aim for managerial positions. For instance, there is project management team that consists of those who work on and off site and their major areas of concern are budgeting, scheduling, work flow and other aspects of construction project.

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