Food and Beverage Business Opportunities in Thailand

With the rising revenue collection from locals and foreign investors all year long, slot thailand Thailand is ensuring the sustainability of this trend by maintaining and managing the food and beverage production sector all year long. The nation is constantly improving and revitalizing the food and beverage business opportunities in Thailand. The nation has invested about 1 billion US dollars on this particular field in past few years.

This gives a clear idea that food and beverage business is constantly on a verge of emergence in Thailand. As a result, investors in Thailand now has a new field to explore and invest. Recently the deputy secretary general of BOI in Thailand has declared that the nation is investing on more than 260 projects that are directly aim for food and resource improvements.

The modern scenario for such huge investments in Thailand is obvious in food science park in Pathum Thani province. Here numerous scientific improvements and investigations are in progress, which are related to constant improvements of food and beverage products throughout the nation.  Major Investor companies from USA, UK, Germany, Taiwan etc. are already working in such establishments in Thailand.

Few renown companies that are currently working in this particular sector at Pathum Thani food science park are Ecolab, TUV SUD (Thailand), Emslie Asia food Innovation corp., Austrian, Zoetis, Ueno Science tech laboratory (Thailand), etc. All these companies are highly professional and focused on research and development in health and supplementary food products.  Several other research and development facilities are recently been established on food and beverage items.

The government of the country have involved several universities and research institutes in such activities. Such constant innovation and improvements in Thai food industries has its impact on nation’s revenue. As the country is majorly dependent on tourism and foreign investments, quality of foods and beverages must be up to the mark to meet demands of foreign teste buds. As a result, Thai food industries are renowned among expats in the world. 

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