Education Logos – More Than an Art

a course in miracles authors logos set the tone for building an image of a company engaged in the provision of education-related services. Logos are generally used to establish a company’s identity and image in the mind of its existing and prospective customers, associates and other related parties. Good education logos are ones that make a company memorable, while accurately conveying the company’s true identity.

Great education logos are ones that are excellent memory triggers and a look at them enables the viewer to identify the institution. A major promotional tool, education logos are used by institutions and companies to promote their education related products and services, whether coaching, stationery or advisory. Education logos can be made to look great by having an appropriate understanding of the company for which it is to be designed and following of certain rules and regulations related to the designing concepts.

It should not be similar to or a copy of an existing logo. Instead, it should be an innovative and unique logo. Use a combination of colors related to the education field. For instance, soft colors and designs related to books or knowledge can be used to design a good education logo.

The use of appropriate fonts is important to appropriately represent the company’s business. The use of commonly recognized fonts can help a company get instant recognition. Similarly, the use of fonts that are not easily comprehensible can defeat the very purpose of the business logo. The logo should be a representative of a company’s brand.

The logo should be simple so that it can easily find a place in the minds of the viewers. Avoid including taglines in the logo. Instead, the focus should be on the size and the design of logo.

Good and effective education logos can be developed by either choosing from the pre-designed templates offered by a number of logo designing companies or getting one tailor-made. The second option is always better, since it enables the logo designer to understand the true nature of the business of an education company and incorporate this understanding in the logo design. Custom made logo design also allows the customer company to give suggestions regarding preferences.

Pixellogo Creative Designs offers pre-designed and custom made logos for a variety of businesses, including those in the education industry. Its team of expert graphic designers has wide experience in creating unique logos for large and small companies, at the most affordable prices.

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