Christian Holiness Compared to Islamic Holiness

The Old Testament and Islamic religions are based on the written scriptures from their respective prophets. Because their prophets were only humans they were instructed to write the revealed messages by them or by those who heard them teach. This way when an error grips into those writings it throws the believers into falsehood because the revealed truth would have been distorted. With original christian mysticism this is not the case. Christianity is not based on scripture but on the PRESENCE of God the Father, The Lord Jesus Christ and His Representative, the Holy Spirit. That is why no one can enter into their Kingdom without first being baptized in water in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The three of them bear one testimony to Christ’s work of salvation and rule called Christ’s kingdom or Christianity. This way there is no chance of error, misreport, and interpolation because there are no Christian scriptures left by Christ. In original Christianity when one becomes a Christian he begins to hear the soundless voice of the Lord Jesus for himself, which is not the case with most church Christians. And this is followed by a believer becoming Scriptures themselves; this means his life is transformed into what scriptures teach without any human effort or grit apart from letting Christ do it in. That is HOW POWERFUL CHRIST’S SALVATION IS. It leaves all forms of salvation of ALL religions in the world countless miles behind. None of them come close.

This means a believer is transformed into what scriptures teach without learning any scriptures. To put it another way: Hearing God’s voice is followed by transformation of believer’s life into what Christian scripture or Gospels and Letters of apostles to early Christians teach. And this happens without reading any Gospels and letters to Christians from the Bible. Early Christians did not have any Bibles or scriptures of their own at all. They relied on, “Go into the whole world and make me disciples… behold I AM with you always to the ends of the earth” (on I AM with you, not by concept but by His unmistakable PRESENCE)… “Wherever, two or more meet in my Name, there AM I with them”. They relied on hearing God speak and being transformed into people of new nature which is aligned to Gospel and Epistles (letters of Apostles). Just as Moses was transformed by the PRESENCE of God on the mountain; we Christians are transformed in the same manner by the PRESENCE of Christ. In Islam, Jewish religion and denominational Christianity one learns the scriptures and then the second stage is to try his best to obey them. In original Christianity you do not need to read any scripture so that you obey it. Instead, a Christian is spontaneously transformed into a heavenly character required by the scriptures without his personal efforts and struggles to obey.

Let me clarify it further: When Moses went up the mountain and remained there for forty days and nights he went into the PRESENCE of God or to be with God. While he was with God or in His PRESENCE he became saturated with the nature of God with included God’s Character of genuine hatred for sin and holiness. While Moses was with God his spirit was being drenched by the Spirit of God. His physical body absorbed the nature of God or heaven. That is why when he came down his countenance was shiny and glorious. So much that people realized it and asked him to put a covering over himself so that they could look at him without being hit by what he became in the PRESENCE of God. What was happening here is precisely what happens in original Christianity. We Christians absorb the godly life, heavenly life or the life of Christ called Christianity from Him directly. Just as He said: I AM the Vine you are the branches. Just as branches draw life sap from the vine or tree; we, too, draw the life of holiness and purity from Him. It is not just a good sounding concept but a literal happening one can feel or experience in an unmistakable manner. Unfortunately, with church Christians it is more of a concept than unmistakable experience. Christ rebuked the Jews for ignoring Him and seeking spiritual nourishment from the knowledge of scriptures because it was just the brain food. Holiness and purity in original Christianity is not learned but begotten. It is sucked from God not learned.

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