Can the PH Miracle Diet Prevent Parasites in the Body?

When you follow the pH acim diet, your body will soon be able to restore its natural balance. If you eat a lot of acidic foods it can be harmful to your health, so the alkaline foods on the pH Miracle diet provides nutrition that can restore the cells to its normal state of alkalinity. These foods can also help to lower the risk of dangerous parasites in your body that can cause serious health problems.

So what does parasites have to do with pH levels? When you are healthy, your body has a normal pH level of 7.4 that is slightly alkaline. This means that parasites like viruses, protozoa, microscopic worms and other unfriendly bacteria cannot live in a pH environment of 7.2 to 2.4

Most people in the United States have a diet that causes the pH levels of the body to be of a very high acidic nature. This process is called acidosis and this condition is a perfect breeding ground for parasites; they can spread throughout your body and cause many diseases. The only way to prevent this from happening is to eat alkalizing foods to restore balance to your body.

The acid and alkaline state of our bodies are a result of the things that we consume. In the modern Western diet, processed starches and sugars are the main reason for an unnatural acidic level. Food that contains natural sugars, also contain minerals and vitamins. Fruit normally starts out as acids but the minerals in it helps the cells to turn the acid into alkaline byproducts. Because processed sugars do not contain minerals and vitamins and release only acids this leads to higher acidic levels.

When the pH at the intracellular level is highly acidic, parasites thrive and they can change the friendly intestinal flora into a condition that is known as candidiasis. Candida is natural yeast that is found in your body’s intestines together with other friendly bacteria that keeps it in balance.

Too many sugar and antibiotics can decrease the number of friendly bacteria which allows the candida to mutate and grow out of control. Many conditions like acne, dry skin, tiredness, frequent sinus infections, sugar cravings and chronic yeast infections can be linked to candida. When candida grows uncontrollably in the absence of friendly bacteria, parasites also tend to increase. Even worms that normally pass through the body now have a hospitable environment in the intestines where they can live and breed.

Parasites are able to destroy cells at a faster rate than they can be regenerated. Toxic substances, a byproduct of parasites’ digestion, can lead to allergic reactions and can also cause new food allergies in people. Parasites can also prevent the tissues in your body, including the intestinal lining and skin, from functioning properly because they irritate and invade the body tissues.

If this happens over a long period of time, the parasites can also block the organs in your body and prevent them from functioning properly. The presence of parasites can also affect your body’s ability to absorb nutrients properly, thus affecting your immune system in such a way that the body cannot use its natural healing powers to combat diseases. The pH Miracle diet system can restore the balance in your blood.

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