As a man who loves shopping!

It is generally known that most of men are not loving shopping,As a man who loves shopping! Articles especially shopping with there girlfriend or their wife. On the contrary, women are inborn “Shopaholics”. They love clothing, especially beautiful clothing, such as Herve Legerclothing. Many women will become very excited, even a little of crazy. So they love hyde flavors.

While just for this point, most of men are boring company those women and shopping. “Following them, walking from this shop to another, from this street to another, buy one and buy another Herve Leger dresses. Even company her from daytime to night. I can’t endure. Shopping is women’s thing. I would not like to join them. I want to be a free man. It is so tired following women and shopping with them. Only such thing happened when I am crazy!”

In fact, shopping with women is a very tired thing. However, if you love her, love your girlfriend, love your wife, you should learn to be a man who loves shopping. You should learn to love shopping generally.

May be you consider shopping with your girlfriend is so tired, so boring, may be you consider you should have a drink with your old friend at your free time. Shopping is women’s thing. May be you consider she have friends, they will go shopping with her, she need not to require me and company her.

Actually, you are wrong.

Firstly, companying with your girlfriend or your wife is a happy thing. You can walk in the street with her and look the scenery surround you. Most of time, women are not for shopping but rather hoping you can spent more time and stay with her. Or may be they just want to have a walk with her along the street and just have a look on the beautiful clothing.

Secondly, shopping is not only the thing of women, shopping is the thing, an important thing of you and her, a thing of two persons. You should know she is wearing for you. Most of time, they choose the beautiful clothing just for you. Women are all dream to be the most beautiful in the eyes of men. So they hope to their husbands or their boyfriends can spare time and shopping with her. Numerous women only believe that he can help me find the right clothes, suitable clothes, the most beautiful clothes for her. Because the insight of men is unique, they know which clothes is the most suitable and beautiful for his girlfriend or his wife. The clothes that a man helped you choosing will never go wrong.

Thirdly, friend is friend, boyfriend is boyfriend, husband is husband, they are not different. Shopping with friend is a kind of felling, while shopping with boyfriend or husband is another sensation. Shopping with friend is one mood, shopping with boyfriend or husband is another humor. As a girl, speaking from my own experience, what most of girls are want is a feeling, a mood rather than the beautiful clothing. If they fell very well, if their mood is wonderful, they will be satisfied even they have not buy their favorite Herve Leger dress.

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