Addressing Systemic Racism: Idealistic, Pragmatic, Or Pragmatic Idealism?

Unless, one is, either, in – denial, doesn’t care, pragmatic88 to ignore it, or the reality doesn’t fit into his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, we must agree and recognize/ admit, this nation, despite our proclamations, of being the land of the free, and providing equal rights, justice, etc, there is far too much, systemic racism! A combination of factors, seems to have driven this, to new heights, including: the stresses and strains, from loneliness, etc, from the pandemic, and public health requirements, from self – quarantine; many controversial police actions, which were brought, to – a – head, when George Floyd, was killed by a policeman’s actions, etc; the resulting civil unrest; President Trump’s rhetoric; etc. Those, demanding changes, and a significant reduction in this degree of systemic racism, in many areas of life, including: policing; Criminal Justice/ Courts; health care; affordable quality housing; etc, should consider, whether, and how their actions and reactions, might influence, making the necessary changes. The options vary, but might be classified, as either, idealistic, pragmatic, or effectively using pragmatic idealism. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, discuss, how these differ, and the potential results and ramifications, in the near, and longer – term.

1. Idealistic: As in many other issues, simply, being idealistic, without considering, how to create, a viable solution, often, does achieve the best results! We have witnessed this, in political campaigns, when specific candidates, proposed meaningful, idealistic ideas, but, which, would have little chance of being implemented, because of the nature of partisan politics. While, protests, are indicated, needed, and the Right to Assemble, is protected, by our Constitution, there is often, a somewhat, fine – line, between, seeking the idealistic result, and achieving, real change, for the better! Today’s protestors must be able, and willing, to recognize, unless, they are careful, they risk, playing into President Trump’s political – hand, where he will attempt to package himself, as the Law and Order, candidate! The greatest ideals, and ideas, make little change, unless/ until, they become implemented!

2. Pragmatic: On the other hand, merely, being pragmatic, without seeking, meaningful, change, for the better, creates mere politicians, instead of valuable, true leaders! We are currently, witnessing, when someone, focuses on his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, instead of the common good!

3. Pragmatic idealism: Pragmatic idealism should be thought of, and considered, the perfect merger of doing the right, best thing, and creating a viable solution, to achieve the finest objectives, and results! What good, does, even the most idealistic ideas, etc, achieve, unless/ until, the leader proceeds, with a well – considered, viable plan/ course of action, which is possible, to implement, and achieve?

Beware of proceeding, merely, protesting, what’s wrong, unless you have a viable solution, and realize/ recognize, the potential undesirable political ramifications, of proceeding, without considering these! If you want change, you must hold Trump, accountable, and vote him, and his enablers, out of office, so change, becomes achievable! Isn’t it better, to phase – in, a better system, than, merely object to what is, and propose, what some, may fear, is revolutionary?

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