How To Find The Right Mindmap Software قیمت ابزار رونیکس

No, of course we don’t have that many different قیمت ابزار رونیکس, but we are moving in that direction! When I started mind mapping on my computer, there were a perhaps 15 different REAL mind mapping tools available. Things have changed since then…

I don’t think so. Actually… the real mindmap tools from then are still leaders in this field today. There are 3 reasons why this did not change and will not change… soon.

1. When you create a mindmap using a certain tool, you are kind off stuck to that tool. Sure, there are some ways of converting maps, but moving to a new tool requires a lot of work.

2. You create maps with your own tool. This tool does everything you need and you don’t need anything else. People keep working with the familiar tools even if there are tools which better suit their needs

3. Your tool works a certain way. You know the keyboard shortcuts. You know where to find features. Using a new tool will create a loss in productivity in the short term.

If you already have many maps in a particular format, you are not likely changing tools.Suppose you find a new tool which offers you more (much more)… would you consider changing tools?

To be honest, I probably would not do that. I would use two different tools next to each other.

You see… I create many maps on my computer. I connected these to each other in my master mindmap. It needs a really, really good tool to make me re-create all my maps.

Just after I learned how to mindmap, I wanted to create a mindmap on my computer. I googled on mindmap software and found 5 different tools.

I downloaded these and created some small mindmaps in each tool. I added images, added notes and had a look at what I could do besides creating a mindmap with that tool.

At that time, I didn’t have anyone to ask how I could find the tool I needed. In fact… I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with the tool besides creating a mindmap!!!

This entire process obviously took some time. I had to investigate many tools and learn how to work with them. Since this took so much time and I had all that knowledge, I created a website which offered free advice on finding the right tool. I gave back to the community.

I created the first mindmap software blog which offered a (bi-)monthly podcast (=audio broadcast) for people who wanted to stay updated on mindmap software tools.

My knowledge on 5 tools quickly expanded to knowledge of about 25 tools. There were so many tools released that it was not possible to remain up to date myself. In order to give good advice, I had to limit the number of tools.

My advice to find the right tool now is different than how I found my tool. There are two methods of finding the right tool. They both start with the following step:

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