Why Electra Bikes Are Pretty Great to Ride

Way back in 1993, Benno Bänziger and Jeano Erforth, got together with just $30,000 and gave birth to Electra Bicycle Company. While Bänziger being a e bike damen lover and Erforth being the perfect seller, both blended well to introduce the ‘having a bike in your life’ factor in people instead of just racing every time you step out with that racer bike. Not everyone can be a cyclist, this thought led to the beginning of Electra which is the bike you can take to a grocery store as opposed to a racing bike. The word spread and soon these bicycle cruisers were selling like hot cakes across the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Electra Bikes offers much more than just easy-to-ride bicycles. Apart from bicycle cruisers, the company came up with ‘Steam Ride’ series of bikes. Taking inspiration from Southern California’s ‘hot rod’ culture, these bikes have more elaborate and exaggerated frames, colours, chrome plating and metal flakes. The ‘Townie’ bike was the new kid on the block in 2003. Its ‘Flat Foot Technology’ was, and still is, a rage with Electra loyalists. Introducing it as a starter’s bike or to re-ignite the passion amongst long lost bicycle riders, the Townie was perfect to start off with. The design allows you to stand with a flat foot on the ground even if you are sitting on the saddle. This removes your fear of falling off while riding to give you a comfortable and secure riding experience. No wonder that with all these advantages and care taken to design a bike, Electra bikes sell exceptionally well.

The Electra Bike company keeps emerging with innovative ways to charm more and more target customers to widen its appeal and every time it hits the bull’s eye. The new addition to the box of goodies is their Ladies’ Fashion models and Men’s Attitude bikes. Only the name does not differ. The edition also appeals to women because of its pink-rimmed design and smaller frames. As for the Men’s Attitude, the love for hot red, geared and ‘adult-looking’ bike is a complete yes. Electra bikes are the talk of the town, no matter which bicycle shop they are in. As for the cherry on top, the company has accessories and apparel to offer you to make the ride more customised and enjoyable. But, how do they always manage to come up with an idea which people have always been waiting for? Perhaps there is a secret ingredient for an immaculate recipe. The company understands the needs of the rider- irrespective of the age and interest.

These hip-looking Electra bikes are so stylish and striking in appearance that one thinks that the seat covers, frame, fenders and guards match with each other flawlessly and are customised for each customer. When the founders studied the market dynamics twenty-one years back, they saw a deep gap between a common man’s demand for a leisure bicycle and the manufacturer’s supply of competitive bikes. Do you really need a tough bike to travel to the nearby ice-cream parlor? That’s when Electra came into existence- to fill that large gap. All the bicycle cruisers fell in love with riding all over again and saw it as a leisure activity; not a sport. With the high quality, durability, affordability and good looks, the Electra range is what everyone has always been waiting for.

The Townie Bike and others in the Electra bikes umbrella will make your ride extremely relaxed as they are designed to keep your head up and your back straight. You won’t feel an iota of strain when you are on the bike. They were designed with a sole aim in mind- to have a bike for everybody other than ‘cyclists’. They provide everything that is needed to enjoy a bike ride to the fullest- comfort, safety, technology and design. So, chuck that engine and enjoy your ride- you might contribute to cure global warming.

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