Sea View Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is surrounded by 제주바다뷰숙소 and can be divided as two peninsulas, one is located in the Europe continent and the other one is located in the Asia continent. With the Black Sea at north, the Sea of Marmara at south and a strait called the Bosphorus connecting these; Istanbul becomes a unique city to live in.

The water around Istanbul has various places and landmarks like Prince’s Islands, the Maiden’s Tower and waterfront houses that offers you a history to read, places to go and a gorgeous sight for your visual pleasure. The Maiden’s Tower is located at the Bosphorus relatively close to the Asian side, to be specific Üsküdar area. Due to Istanbul’s great historical background, there are historical facts as well as myths about various buildings and places like the myths about the Maiden’s Tower. The most popular one amongst Turkish people is about an emperor and a prophet for her beloved daughter. It has been said that an oracle prophesized that her daughter would be killed by a poisonous snake. And the emperor built a tower that would protect her. On the princess’ 18th birthday the emperor brought a basket of exotic fruits as a gift. The princess reached the basket to get a fruit but there was an asp hidden in the basket and bit her. The prophecy came true, the daughter died and there comes the name of the tower. To see the Maiden’s Tower by yourself and to imagine the myths you may look for sea view apartments for sale in Istanbul.

The Sea of Marmara has nine islands which are called the Princes’ Islands. The four of them are considerably bigger and they have people living in them. The other five do not contain regular residents. The four most known islands are: Buyukada (Big Island), Heybeliada (Saddlebag Island), Burgazada (Fortress Island) and Kinaliada (Henna Island). These four major islands have no traffic and the only transport being horse and cart. The islands are famous for their calmness, phaetons and some historical buildings.

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