Making the Most of Madrid’s Nightlife

Boasting the liveliest 다낭 황제투어 in Spain and possibly in all of Europe, Madrid is a Mecca for those who wish to avoid sunlight by staying out all night. The city has more than enough bars, pubs, clubs, discos, DJs and live entertainment to entertain locals and visitors with almost any tastes. The truth is, if you can’t find something to do at night in Madrid, you probably won’t find it anywhere. Here’s the lowdown:

Madrid works on a slightly different schedule than most of the rest Europe. While the afternoon siesta tradition is quickly fading, many other traditions remain which affect the way life is lived. To begin with, Madrid locals continue to prefer dining late at night. In fact, it’s not unusual to go to dinner around 11pm on a weekend night. Because of this, the more popular clubs and discos don’t really get going until 1am or later. The nightlife really doesn’t end sometimes until the sun rises the following morning. It’s wise to take your time enjoying a late dinner before heading out for a night of debauchery.

Madrid Nightlife by District
Plaza Mejor – This is the tourist-center of the city where you’ll find a mix of locals and tourists hopping from one drinking establishment to the next. Here you’ll find some of the largest and most establish spots in the city. Take caution late at night in these areas as they aren’t the safest spots in town.

Chueca – Chueca is the gay center of Madrid boasting a variety of gay-oriented businesses including nightlife. In this part of town, both gay and non-gay locals seem to exist peacefully, frequenting many of the same nightspots.

Argüelles – A collection of nightspots and eateries frequented by the surrounding population of college students and younger Madrid locals. This is a good area for younger partiers seeking to immerse in the local culture.

Until recently, Madrid had openly offered all night parties on nightly basis. However, recent actions by the city managers have threatened this tradition by preventing after hours bars and clubs from operating. While it is still possible to party straight through the night, it may not be easy for long. Regardless, Madrid still has a reputation for lively nightlife and late night adventures.

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